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Real revenge examples

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Here are some examples of revenge ideas of our revenge agency.

We only write about revenge examples that are so general that nobody finds out who we’re talking about. We will gladly share many more examples in our preliminary discussion with you.

However, you should know: we cannot spill the beans. After all, our acts of revenge should be a "wonderful" surprise for the respective victims. The surprise factor is what makes revenge particularly efficient after all. However, we are happy to give you some ideas in advance. So you can already get an idea of what kind of revenge you want for your personal case. Don't be afraid to be too bad. We guarantee we won't be shocked and will even go one step further than you originally planned.

Revenge Examples
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Online revenge

A small selection of revenge options to give you an idea of what we do:

Getting back at someone online isn't difficult if you have the tools and access to do so. It's difficult to do this anonymously. We make sure that no suspicion falls on you. Nightly wake up calls, compromising images on social media tagging the right people, and appointments with Herbalife and Tupperware reps are just little joyful moments that are easy for us to achieve online. Plus, we know exactly how to get the victim of your revenge to confess via email about confidentialities that you don't want anyone to know.

Skilled vamps and lures

Some of our actors and actresses have very special talents and know how to seduce their counterpart (be it male or even female).

Revenge via phone

The right phone call can make a big difference. It is important that the call sounds believable and cannot be tracked back to you. And that is exactly what we do best. The revenge agency's telephone experts deliver convincing messages to the man or woman and can really ruin your victim's day. The phone call does not necessarily have to be with the person you want to take revenge on. Sometimes it is also much more effective when the wife, father or girlfriend answers the phone...

Revenge with professional actors and lures

We specialize in complex and meticulous revenge campaigns using trained actors and lures. Professional revenge is sometimes even achieved by just one single talented actor being in the right place at the right moment. However, we can also organize large-scale actions using extras and multiple actors. Your victim will not believe his eyes and will be transported into a nightmare. With this kind of professional revenge, we are also happy to take recordings of your victim's reaction, which you can enjoy later – totally confidential, of course.

Customer examples of professional revenge

The individual story of the client is always important when it comes to developing a strategy for revenge. As a general rule, we aim to give tit-for-tat.

All of our clients' names and the locations where the revenge took place have been changed by us to protect the anonymity of all involved. Real Revenge Examples:

One in every port of call

Charlotte is a very attractive woman. She is successful in her job and has both feet on the ground. She often only sees her boyfriend, Liam, on the weekends. Sometimes the two only meet once a month - because Liam is a busy man. His career forces him to be constantly on the move. He is charming, articulate, and handsome. Liam doesn't want to start a family. That's fine with Charlotte, because she also sees her work as a priority. Liam and Charlotte are the perfect couple. At least that's what Charlotte thinks. Until the evening when Liam breaks her heart.

Charlotte cooked for him because Liam is coming back late from the airport. Then the two of them have sex. Liam leaves his mobile phone on the nightstand and goes to the bathroom. The incoming WhatsApp message flashes in the semi-darkness of the bedroom. Charlotte can't help but read the unmistakable message. It is the message of another woman who obviously sees herself as Liam's partner.

Charlotte confronts Liam. She didn't expect to be the only woman in his life. But what Liam coldly throws at her hurts Charlotte deeply. He clearly tells her that he has not just one mistress, but a whole dozen. After all, there was a reason why he never called her by her name, but always only referred to her as “honey”. After all, he can't remember all the names, he adds with a grin. Then Liam leaves, leaving Charlotte in tears. She is particularly hurt that Liam literally erases her from his life that same evening. He blocks her cell phone number, bans her from all social media, and her emails come back with an error message. After more than three years of relationship with the man who Charlotte thought was the love of her life, everything is over in just one evening without any warning. When Charlotte told us her story, the idea for “The Perfect Revenge” was born immediately.

We sent Liam an ultrasound picture, congratulating him on becoming a father. Sender: a reputable hospital. Contact person: the responsible gynecologist. We only left out the name of the pregnant woman. When calling Liam, our actor pretended to be the gynecologist and explained that Liam should contact the child's mother directly. After all, it is important to clarify all the important things about paternity. The dates for the birth preparation course are already set. Charlotte also received one of Liam's "newsletter" which he sent to all the possible "mothers". She was very satisfied.

Depending on the customer's wishes, the revenge agency is also happy to go one step further. More real revenge examples:

Tit for tat…

Oliver is a young guy whose life isn’t easy. His father, a right-wing conservative politician, had instilled in him well-defined values from an early age on. As a teen he realized that he was drawn to men, experiencing the hardest moments of his life. Torn between his own feelings and what his family had taught him was correct, he struggled with depression and an inferiority complex. It was only at the age of 20 that Oliver, with the help of his partner and a good friend, found the courage to come out to his father. He didn't react with the hoped-for understanding. Rather, from then on, he no longer wanted to speak to Oliver, cut support for Oliver's studies and also forbade his mother to have any contact.

The revenge agency did not have a difficult time in this case. At an important event, where business partners and politician friends of Oliver's father were present, we struck. Our accomplice, unmistakably recognizable as a drag queen, put on a scene of jealousy ready for the stage in front of the gathered crowd. Disguised as a scorned lover, she left those present in no doubt as to Oliver's father's own sexual preferences. An accomplice of the revenge agency took pictures for Oliver, who still enjoys them today. Some of the guests present also filmed the scene with their mobile phones. The pictures made the rounds on Facebook for a long time. Oliver h

Unusual revenge examples and unique ideas from the revenge agency and your revenge professionals. Harmless pranks and extreme revenge examples. After 20 years as a revenge professional, we could continue writing similar and far more complex, as well as more evil revenge actions indefinitely. What's your personal revenge idea? Do you have other revenge examples and maybe you were even a customer of our revenge agency? Then we look forward to hearing about your story and background.

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