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Your experienced revenge agency since 1999 with unique, creative revenge ideas and effective strategies to get even.

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The revenge professional costs

The target pays a high price, but our clients do not.

It is our great pleasure to help you retaliate!

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Already in 1999, the year of our foundation, we kept the costs extremely low in order to be able to offer our customers a very fair price. In the past 20 years we have hardly had to increase costs and can offer very effective and unique revenge ideas at an unbeatable price

A very cheap solution is to take revenge online and bombard someone through technical means and create powerful stress.

But also our prices for the far more elaborate retaliation strategies with decoys, straw men and actors are always met with positive astonishment. It is our pleasure to put a stop to bad people and this should certainly not fail because of money. Call us, send us a voicemail or email so that we can plan the most effective revenge for your budget.

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In the course of the long time we can access for our customers to a fantastic network at Actors and partner companies, who are highly motivated to stop nasty people, scammers and villains. All information of the revenge agency costs with examples and ideas for your revenge. Only the target person pays a high price, our clients do not.

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