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An experienced revenge agency originating in 1999 with unusual, creative revenge ideas and effective strategies to get even.

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Important things in life should not be left to chance. This also - and especially - applies to revenge. Tom Kaules and Stefan Eiben's agency has been working behind the scenes for 22 years, pulling the strings so that customers get their money's worth.

Many of our ideas and tricks are based on many years of experience. We've tried out for ourselves which strategies have the greatest success rates and, after so many years, have perfect retaliations for every type of person.

That is why you can turn to us with a light heart. Because lightness of heart is guaranteed when you get to enjoy your personal retribution.

The revenge experts

Creative revenge ideas created in a team and through experience.

We celebrate with you. With the revenge agency you have a reliable contact person. Confidentiality is as much a part of our service as an open ear for our customers. Because we know: Trust is the basis for a successful cooperation.

Nevertheless, you can also remain anonymous to us and commission us incognito.

It is helpful for your success, however, that you give us as much information as possible. You can be sure that we will not judge you in any way. Moral prejudices are completely foreign to us. Rather, it is important for us to get a clear picture of your situation so that we can help you in the best possible way. Only in this way can we work out the nastiest plans so that your revenge will be sugary sweet.

From harmless pranks, to hammer-hard retaliatory strikes, which the target will have to gnaw on for a long time. Revenge is not a question of price

Your most experienced revenge agency since 1999 with unique, creative revenge ideas and effective strategies to get revenge.

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