Coffin Confessor and Gravewhisperer

Coffin Confessor and Gravewhisperer take your revenge after death. The Dead Man's Last Revenge from the grave whisperer.

Interrupting funerals to delivering a private message

The Gravewhisperer ist your vengeance

To unravel this secret so you can finally rest peacefully for eternity.

Coffin confessor reveals juicy secrets of the dead

The Gravewhisperer is your funeral crasher

Our secrets die with us upon our deaths, so we tell ourselves- but do they? I bet you've often heard people use the saying, 'if only the dead could talk.' What if I told you that it's absolutely possible? Well, that's precisely what Grave Whisperers are for. We allow the dead to communicate and express themselves from beyond the Grave.

A Grave Whisperer's days are full of unending adventures. No two days are the same. Any wish you'd like fulfilled after your death, provided it's legal, a Grave Whisperer will stand up for you and become your voice after you've passed away. Your final words could be anything you want them to be, not just a heartfelt farewell. No matter how strange or unconventional!

We can do it all, from interrupting funerals to delivering a private message to a loved one who has passed away to reveal an uncomfortable truth regarding people close to you. Maybe you've been holding onto the secret that your best friend has been cheating on their wife. Well, you can trust a Grave Whisperer to unravel this secret so you can finally rest peacefully for eternity.

Coffin Confessor and Gravewhisperer
Crashing funerals

The Dead Man's Last Revenge!

Tales of the Dead are useless if you don't have the nececcary means and secret helpers. Here, our customers benefit from the fact that we started with an alibi agency in 1999, which quickly developed into the revenge agency. With this complementary combination, we can offer our clients far more than just clumsy ideas for revenge.

Is your final wish on your deathbed outside the scope of what traditional funeral homes can provide? Don't worry; we got your back! We can be anything you want us to be to ensure your wishes are fulfilled just as instructed.

The reality is that our mission isn't to please people or tread carefully to protect the feelings of your family and friends. Ultimately, fulfilling the wishes of our clients comes above all else. And having completed thousands of requests, here are some dead man's last revenge stories that you can take inspiration from.

Funeral crasher

1. He left her alone during her pregnancy.

Working in an end-of-life care career, things can get pretty morbid sometimes. There was this woman who had a special request for her deathbed confession. She was married to a husband who would neglect her and go out of the country backpacking across different cities for months. Her husband left as usual once, but she was only three months pregnant this time. The husband never came back home until a year later.

When he asked to see their baby, the woman told him she had a miscarriage due to health complications. But the truth was that she delivered her stillborn baby home alone.

She wanted everyone to know at her funeral how bad her husband was.

2. My Mother's Secret Husband and Kids

There was this woman who had relocated to the US from Ireland, young and vibrant. It didn't take long before she fell in love and got married. Shortly after their marriage, they decided to start a family together and were blessed with two beautiful girls. Unfortunately, years later, she became terminally sick.

On her deathbed, she revealed the most startling secret! She hired a Grave Whisperer to announce at her funeral that before she moved from Ireland, she had been married off by her parents to a wealthy older man and had two kids with him.

This scandalous revelation left the entire family in disbelief. As the two girls set out to look for their other siblings in Ireland, the husband couldn't believe his wife had a secret family he didn't know about after 15 solid years of marriage. How can one live such a double life right under your roof? This was one for the books!

3. She was adopted

There's a young girl whose mother was terminally sick. She had lived with her mum her entire life. Although she was always curious about her dad, her mother used to tell her that her dad had passed away years ago in battle. Her mother claimed the dad was in the army. Of course, this little girl needed to know the other side of the family as the striking difference between her and the mum was very outright.

Here's where things get interesting. When the mum was on her deathbed, she contracted the Grave Whisperers and told us that she had a special message to pass to her daughter at the funeral. But this wasn't your usual request. This woman asked us to hand her daughter a note saying that she was adopted.

In Summary

Many people never get the opportunity to take revenge on bad people who did them dirty throughout their lifetime. Sometimes a husband could be a monster, or the wife, the sisters, brothers, or even neighbors. Connect with us if you'd like to take your revenge after death. Our Grave Whisperers tell secrets at the Grave, deliver specials messages and expose evil people.

At the Grave, we tell the truth as the dead man's last revenge. We operate across the US and have over 200 Grave Whisperers in the US and over 3,000 freelancers worldwide. Thousands of people have trusted us to carry their secrets and deliver them to their Grave for around for 23 years. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today, and we will serve your secrets hot during your burial ceremony.

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