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Real revenge examples

We have been working as revenge professionals for more than 20 years now and during this time we have received many, very bad stories and descriptions of people. Some people are so indescribably evil and would cross their own mothers to achieve their goals.

Their victims can be so mentally destroyed afterwards that they lack any strength to resist. Here our clients are then the parents or good friends who can not stand idly by.

Really bad types use the credulity of their fellow men, their helper syndrome, or present themselves as a help-seeking victim. Likewise, they can be egotistical Nazis who drive their partners into financial ruin and even depression by constantly lying, putting on a good show and promising love. Skillfully, these disgusting men, but also women, manage to manipulate their victims to neglect their own circle of friends until there is a certain dependence on the manipulator.

take revenge for someone
But at some point, it must come to an end.

Avenging someone else

The father avenges his daughter.. Sometimes it is the parents who call us and tell us, sometimes in tears, how badly someone has behaved towards their daughter. Just to give a very extreme example: The boyfriend has been seen with another woman and when asked about it, he insults his girlfriend, yells at her in front of other people and humiliates her with abominable, hurtful words. In the presence of other people he brutally breaks up with her and shortly after is seen again with the other lady.

But that is not all. In the weeks before, he got her to sign a loan for him and also the mobile phone contract is in her name.

Business cheated and ripped off. . Another issue is self-employed people and businessmen who have been robbed and cheated. Former employees, who were often only there for a short time, steal the customer data and company knowledge in order to start their own business with it. These people play the highly motivated, loyal colleague, who is burning for everything. However, in the background, they build their own agency with this information and start spreading lies and rumors.

We could write a revenge book about how many unsuspecting, good people have been hurt mentally, and business people that have been ruined. These men and women can be so badly off as a result that they can hardly recover from it. In the case of such strokes of fate, it is then the best friend, the brother or the parents who contact us. Our experience clearly shows that when the victims have been avenged, they immediately feel much better. They can suddenly get off their medications, sleep soundly, and laugh again.

Our Revenge Agency can't take a joke.. Such requests still make our hair stand up even after so many years. In the following story, we designed a revenge strategy that the target will surely never forget.

Romance scammer, baiting and scam.. These are terms for the devious approaches of romance scammers. Usually, the perpetrator plays a supposedly successful businessman and showers his victim with gifts, expressions of love and restaurant visits. But in the end comes the fat bill. Either they invent a story to make their victim sign contracts or transfer money to them due to a sudden emergency. After such a love scamming, our clients are often so shocked that they are embarrassed and don't want to tell their closest friends about it. But our revenge professionals really wipe the slate clean of these scammers and marriage swindlers.

While romance scammers make their victims believe that they are in love, baiters take a more extreme approach. They try to collect incriminating material from their victims in order to use it against them. This can be obscene chat histories, photos, but also information. Then they threaten and insult their victims. However, there are also men of good faith who fall for this love scam and are relieved of a lot of money afterwards.

Our revenge professional turns the tables and sets clever traps to expose such people and, depending on the case, turn them over to the police.

Lastly, a few keywords of our inquiries:

  • My brother is constantly hitting on my girlfriend and badmouthing me.
  • My best friend is having an affair with my husband.
  • My neighbor is threatening our kids.
  • He totally beat me up and revealed intimate secrets (former drug addiction, rape).
  • A colleague at work keeps harassing me.
  • A supposed boyfriend stole money from me.
  • My ex-husband's new girlfriend is making my life hell and destroying my relationship with my children.
  • Someone is spreading rumors and lies about me.

Extreme revenge examples to take revenge on very bad people and take revenge on someone. Get back at a really nasty person.

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