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The best revenge strategies for your revenge. Taking revenge and getting back at someone is our job.


Revenge on your ex

It is pure satisfaction for your soul to revenge yourself on your exfriend or an affair.

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Revenge on evil people

Evil neighbors, nasty colleagues, and mean bosses exist and they simply don’t deserve any better.

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Getting back at

To revenge a good friend or family member brings you inner peace.

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Revenge agency or justice agency

The number 1 worldwide. Revenge agency? It is true that we didn’t see ourselves as a revenge agency in the early years, but rather as a justice agency. The revenge professional service ran under the main agency Alibiprofi (Alibi professional) until more and more clients called us a revenge agency. We didn't see ourselves as revenge professionals, but as avenging angels and revenge helpers.

In addition, the demand for very special and intelligent revenge strategies has increased so much that we have published the revenge service extensively on this revenge site.

Our revenge agency operates nationwide throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland through our revenge professionals and online revenge.

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To get back at your unfaithful significant other or spouse.

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For a powerful revenge.

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Get your revenge anonymously.

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Which revenge strategy is the best?

First we talk to you to find out the weaknesses of the target person. What is their daily routine like, where is this person, what are their character traits, etc.

Our revenge agency has unique ways to take revenge and get back at someone.
Too often, nasty neighbors, scammers, liars, sneaky people, devious landlords, stalkers, and bullies get away with it unscathed.
Strike back without being suspected and quietly revel in the satisfaction.
Of course, our revenge agency does not carry out illegal revenge ideas. 20 years of experience for your anonymous revenge.
The revenge experts

Creative revenge Ideas are born in a team and through experience

Like any company, our revenge agency is only as good as the revenge professionals who plan and execute the orders. After more than 6000 revenge actions and nasty pranks, we can access a very experienced network of fantastic actresses and lures. Depending on the campaign, we are supported by other companies. We are actively operating throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The employees at our head office are fluent in German, English, and Spanish. We can even operate abroad and surprise the target person on their vacation.

The revenge professionals

Revenge professionals

The perfect revenge strategy for every case



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Trick and fool cleverly.

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The most common reasons for revenge in our revenge agency include cheating, infidelity, affairs, devious work colleagues, bad neighbors, whistleblowers, nasty bosses and fake friends who want to steal your girlfriend.

But that's not all, we have to do with marriage swindlers, fraudsters who get rich financially and manipulative narcissists who seem to be unstoppable. These people must finally be shown that life can hit back hard.

Anger and disappointment inevitably lead to revenge, and this should be quenched. Our experience shows that our clients already feel happier when planning revenge and immediately after our execution the anger subsides, and the smile comes back.

The world's 1st revenge agency since 1999 offers unique revenge ideas and effective revenge strategies with revenge agency experience. Our revenge ideas always hit the mark. Revenge agency, the professionals since 1999, so that the inner balance is restored, and the gloating is great.

Covered in the press for the last 21 years
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Hardly a month goes by without an article about us and our services being published. Be it revenge ideas and taking revenge, the breaking up of relationships, or the alibi service. These experiences complement each other perfectly. Even after 22 years, the founder Stefan Eiben and the boss Tom Kaules in America give most of the interviews himself and meets clients in person.